HOWEVER... In an effort to continue to provide a home for lifestylers to meet and play, The DEJAVU TEAM continues to host private MONTHLY Lifestyle Events just minutes from the Lounge & from Gunnison Beach during those HOT Summer Nights! (See the CONTACT tab for details) Thank you for visiting THE DEJAVU LOUNGE NOTICE!!! The Lounge is currently CLOSED for renovations! DejaVu is a close-knit, fun, friendly and very welcoming lifestyle community geared toward the comfort level of our guests, our friends. DejaVu events provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to explore or experience the lifestyle strictly at your own pace...where like-minded couples and ladies can meet and socialize without judgment or the uncertainty of the interests of those around them. We invite and welcome anyone interested in the lifestyle to join us regardless of age, race, looks, weight or experience level. It's a great place to meet new people and/or expand your network of lifestyle friends. Private MONTHLY Livestyle Events! Couples & Single Ladies ONLY! $20/Couple, Single Ladies FREE! CASH BAR (NO BYOB)! Min. of one private room available Door opens at 9:00 pm © Copyright 2018 JC Design Studios